Caring 24/7 is a leading nursing agency in Melbourne, Australia and provides medical workers who have vast compassion and dedicate their days to helping the elderly. Our caring staff consists of compassionate employees who provide high-quality care and make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible when in need. We work with nurses, midwives and care staff who are experienced, qualified, and provide excellent care in your home.

Nurses are an invaluable part of any hospitals and clinics because they are able to act quickly in most times of critical conditions. Nurses have a great amount of courage, compassion and expertise that would be extremely helpful in maintaining high-quality healthcare delivery at all times.

In order to make sure that these nurses are not overworked or stressed during the day, we encourage hospitals and clinics to do whatever is necessary to keep their nurses happy so that they can continue doing what they love without burning out! We’ve been working with clients over 30 years now and have built up quite the reputation for delivering the best candidates who really understand what’s required by those looking for results from a personal assistant, nurse analyst or hospitality executive etc.

Our Mission

At Caring 24/7, we strive to provide nurses, midwives, and care workers for a range of nursing solutions and services. We help our care-giving team acquire the best jobs with the most enjoyable practice settings. We match their career aspirations by offering them important support like certification programs, access to excellent benefits and flexible work hours which will help make it easier for them to balance their professional and private lives.

Our approach toward providing healthcare is simple – passion and a sense of purpose. Our experts feel strongly about making sure that each day they spend working is time well spent, and they will go above and beyond to make sure this happens.

Benefits of Working with Us

At Caring 24/7, we will be able to help you with finding an opportunity that works with your schedule and provides excellent bonuses and benefits. Check out the benefits that nurses get when they choose us.

  • Opportunities to work for various facilities, hospitals and clinics
  • Flexibility in the work to choose the shift
  • Higher pay rates
  • Ongoing support
  • A rapid recruitment procedure

Why Choose Caring 24/7?

Caring 24/7 is a great way to find a reliable nursing facility for the next several months or perhaps even years. You can get numerous benefits of choosing our nurses.

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Years of Expertise
  • Qualified and Bonded Staff
  • Excellent and Trusted Care

As a comprehensive provider of nursing services and treatments to patients in need, our firm is focused on providing top-quality care around the clock from trained and passionate experts who are dedicated to their job. You will find that passion for the field when you come to us as a client needing additional assistance or rehab following a serious surgery.

Whether you are a nurse looking for a job or a client looking to hire nurses, reach us directly. We are here to help you. Call us at

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