The healthcare industry has seen non-stop challenges in the past few years. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the Great Resignation to a potential economic downturn, are some of the challenges. many workers in the public and private sectors have worked tirelessly to support healthcare workers on the frontlines. With such a dramatic shortage of healthcare workers, finding qualified healthcare professionals to fill these positions became increasingly difficult. The demands of the healthcare industry are changing every day, and recruiters are struggling to find skilled professionals for healthcare positions.

Why Recruitment is Important to the Healthcare Industry?

The face of healthcare recruitment is changing as vacant positions for different roles (ranging from registered nursing to physicians) are rising continuously. The gap in demand and supply is one of the significant challenges faced by the healthcare sector.

Hence, recruiting for the healthcare sector is essential for offering specialized and high-quality healthcare services, streamlining the overall patient experience, including healthcare-related and administrative tasks, etc. Moreover, the growth and success of a healthcare organization depend on the people working there. Therefore, healthcare organizations can become industry leaders by recruiting the best candidates for each role.

What to consider during the process of healthcare staffing?


To ensure new hires can meet the unique challenges presented by a healthcare organization, it is essential for organizations to specify the must-have skills and traits candidates should possess. The HR, management and employees currently in the same or an adjacent role should work together to compile a list of must-haves. Traits should be a good mixture of hard and soft-skills such as a passion for work, technology proficiency, proper certifications, discipline, positive attitude and ambition. Must-haves should include the traits that will make a candidate an excellent cultural fit such as communication skills, shared values and experience working in a similar environment.


When sourcing healthcare talent, organizations should outline 10 key responsibilities fulfilled by that role to gain a better idea about the previous responsibilities of an ideal candidate. Responsibilities can include management of a team, project management, food preparation, dispensing medication and other tasks critical to the position. By outlining key tasks, a healthcare organization will not only increase the chances of making the right hire, but they will also be able to write more accurate job descriptions that attract the right talent.


Job descriptions should draw from must-have traits and key responsibilities to form an accurate representation of the job and who would best fit the role. Great job descriptions tell potential hires the exact requirements of a position and decrease the number of unqualified applicants. Before drafting a job description, it can be helpful to gather a team of current employees and ask them how they would describe their job and what it takes to be successful in their role.


It is essential to maintain multiple pools of candidates. Each major division of roles should have a pool of its own. The benefit of maintaining these pools separately is that it makes filling a particular role much easier. You don’t have to filter one large, disparate pool; you can filter through a pool where you know all of the candidates in it are qualified. Filtering based on experience, certification, and position are all ways to find the best workers for a given position.

Recruitment in the healthcare industry is a vital task that involves professional perspective, expertise, and ability to find the best aspirant for the organization. The HR specialists face the challenge of finding, attracting, developing and retaining the best & dedicated staff whose performance will drive the organization to success.


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