With the constant progression of the medical industry and its rising importance in today’s world more than ever, there needs to be a change in the emphasis towards positive care experiences and patient satisfaction. Leaders of the organizations/institutes/medical centres must understand the individual & crucial role that each clinician plays in accomplishing that. Amongst them, nurses play an essential role considering the substantial time they spend with each patient & their families to provide better quality care and experience.


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Besides delivering utmost care, nurses also maintain continuous communication with the patients, their family or caregivers, and make sure that all other needs of the patients linked to toileting or hygiene are timely met in a satisfactory manner. During all this time that they spend, nurses leave a heavy & everlasting impact on the complete patient & family’s experience. Their greatest power lay in their ability to empathically and effectively communicate that makes the patient experience gratifying.

This approach of quality care not only leads to a better patient experience, but also results in better health outcomes. Being the second most main resource person besides the doctors, who interact with each patient directly, nurses help patients understand their own health needs in a better manner, which increases the likelihood of patients following their medical recommendations religiously.


Visiting the hospital can be a stressful experience for many. Not just the patient, but also their accompanying family members feel anxious about the procedure to cure an illness, its recovery time, and the overall expenditure that a medical procedure will cost. Owing to these concerning factors, families feel the need to have understandable and reliable information related to the level of care being provided so that they can take the best decision possible.

This is where the need arises for a person-centered approach that leads to increased patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes, since it is based on a sense of collaboration and mutual respect. Person-centered approach in health care can outdo in several ways; for example, a cancer patient may feel better and comfortable under the care of a nurse who practices patient empathy and great communication. A patient dealing with diabetes will feel cared for under the supervision of a nurse who applies person-centered approach to manage their health condition and experience.

Owing to an increased emphasis on person-centered care, there has been a rise in the need for private care nurses who are more effective & empathetic in their work approach, which increases patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.


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Private care registered nurses impact the quality of care in the most positive manner. They put to use both soft and hard skills that provides top quality person centered care that revolves around the pillars of patient safety, empathy and communication to deliver unique care that meets the individual needs and expectations of each patient.

This person-centered approach delivered by private care registered nurse includes several core aspects, which are focused on:

1.  Equal Respect: A person-centered approach considers and respects each patient as important members of the society. Regardless of decisive factors that focus on language, socio-economic status or age, private care nurses implement a person-centered approach that not just values each patient, but also involves them as equal partners in the process of their health care.

2.   Empathetic foundation: The principle of empathy lays at the very core of the person-centered approach which begins with understanding the patients’ perspective towards his/her care and recovery.

3.   Personalized care: Rather than the following the conventional approach of simply treating the patients as a diagnosis, private care nurses embrace a person-centered approach which is focused on providing precise emotional and physical care that aligns with the changing needs of each patient.

4.   Reassuring communication: Private care nurses who follow a person-centered approach provide several opportunities to their patients for social engagement through communication that encourages & speeds up their well-being.

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