One of the most sought-after vocations is nursing. Finding the ideal nursing job will be challenging, regardless of your experience level. The fact that there are so many options for nurses to choose from is their finest perk. You have much more freedom than with typical shift employment because you may select where and when you want to work. As a result, there is open employment at various healthcare facilities that normally offer comprehensive insurance benefits, including short shifts, full-time, and contractual choices.

You might be done with a written test or some other rounds of interviewing and now is the time of one for one interview round. Be prepared with basic questions and be honest. Honesty gives you confidence that will reflect on your face. Confident candidates have higher chances of getting selected.

Nursing job in Melbourne

Know yourself- This is how an interview starts, by asking the very basic question about yourself. You have to know this answer from the start to the end, about your likes, dislikes etc

Be clear about your preferences– Healthcare industry is vast, so you have to be quite specific regarding the category of work. It is also affected by your experience and your expertise, be choosy for it.

Be informed of your Strengths and Weakness– Your strengths and weakness define you as a person. Put more focus on defining your strengths and don’t go random on that. Your strengths should be powerful enough.

Conduct research on the organisation– It is important to know about the organisation you are going to work for. It creates a remarkable impression on the first meeting; also, it strengthens your profile.

Dress properly– A nursing interview has to be decent, after all, you are going to take care of patients suffering from various problems. Choose a decent and smart outfit that reflects your personality.

Nursing jobs in Melbourne

Prepare a few questions beforehand

 1. How will you handle work pressure?

You have to prepare these questions and have to answer them very smartly. Here you can describe how you prioritize your work and try to stay calm and handle things smoothly.

2. What pushed you toward this job?

Let the care and compassion in you answer this question. The reason why you choose this field and who inspires you will be an accurate answer. Try to be specific while giving answers to your questions and use simple language and a decent tone.

3. What does care mean to you?

Nursing is a job that is all based on care and compassion and this question shows the core of your profession. Make sure to answer empathetically and give a practical approach toward to patient. Your true personality will get you a job if your answers have everything that a nursing career should have.


If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be difficult to find the right nursing jobs in Melbourne. It should go without saying that no two medical facilities are the same and will require different kinds of nurses based on their unique requirements.


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