There is nothing hidden in the fact that long working shifts are strenuous and require tireless efforts of the staff. Though these shifts are hectic in every niche, but nursing for such long time is arduous. Nurses ought to have the tendency of caring people and thinking about them. This has made them stop worrying for their own health. This is the reason why we are presenting the tips for nurses working 12 hour shifts. Follow these steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prepare for 12 hour shifts.

1 Maintain Proper Food Routine

Having some junk food or something tasty and unhealthy may deteriorate your energy. It is tempting but leads to bad health condition. Pack your food with and eat it properly. Maintain a routine where you can eat proper food before the shift and even during shift. Eat fruits, vegetables, have juice and other nutritional diet. Healthy diet provides energy to stay strong for 12 long hours. Replace your soft drinks with fruit juice, replace your snacks with salads, salty butter with peanut butter, flour bread with wheat bread. Food decides our lifestyle; it is our responsibility of making it good or bad. So, better make it beneficial for your health rather than relying on temporary tastes.

food routine for 12 hours shift

2 Rest is Vital

We agree that you get less time for yourself but try to get as much sleep as required. A good sleep is quite required before starting a shift; your mind have to be fresh and your body needs to energetic to handle the work pressure you are going to get during your shift. Avoid taking caffeine or alcohol to get a good night sleep and refresh you mind. Never compromise with sleep and if you get breaks between your shifts then take naps, it improves your working quality and you won’t get tired easily.

 vital rest for preparing 12 hours shift

3 Utilise Your Breaks in 12 hours shift

Don’t spend your breaks watching screen or don’t waste the time of your breaks. Use it to the fullest by taking nap, eating something healthy or doing such activities that relax your mind. Don’t do such stuff which creates strain on mind; give space to you from the mundane work. Listen to some music which relaxes your mind or you can meditate too. Go to a garden, spend some time with nature or go for some walk, the main motive of this break should be relaxing your mind and nothing more.

prepare for 12 hours shift

4 Make Friends at Work

Making friends at work makes the tasks very much easy. 12-hour shifts may be demanding and tiring, to the point that you may have to speak to others about it or feel similarly encouraged. Friends from work are ideal for meeting both of these requirements. They’ll be with you at work, and they’ll probably know more about your circumstances than your partner or closest non-work buddies. This is due to the fact that they may be performing 12-hour shifts with you.

make friends at work

You must at least try to form a supportive relationship between your colleagues so that you can all get through your long shifts together. And if you do end up spending time with your co-workers outside of work, they could be more understanding of your absence of social time.

5. Take a Vacation

There are a never-ending number of reasons to take a holiday, notably if you work 12 hours a day. There’s no smarter method to recharge your cells and rebalance your brain and body than to take an extended break from work. Even if you enjoy your job, lengthy shifts can drain you in manners that only a long break will alleviate. You’ll probably return with a fresh perspective and a much more relaxed body, making you more equipped for your long hours.

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6. Adjust Your Routine

In most of the cases, you survive 12 hour shifts continues for 3-4 days a week so you will have an ample amount of time to adjust your routine and maintain a schedule. You will have more off days than other people working in different companies. So plan your days accordingly and keep your off days refreshing and rejuvenating.

 routine in preparing 12 hours shift


These were few points to keep you fresh during 12 hour shifts. If you are looking for some reliable place which can get you a good nursing job then, contact the best nursing agency in Melbourne. There are so many nursing jobs in Melbourne, which you can contact to get the best services.

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