A career in nursing is very popular and has a huge demand in the country. It is a way out to contribute to the society with good deeds. You can serve people with all your heart. If you are in Australia and are planning to pursue nursing, then you have to complete your basic qualification. Then, register yourself in the healthcare sector and select from the range of specializations. You can work in any of the below mentioned fields and get the expertise. 


It is a type of job where you get your expertise in anaesthesia, a drug used before performing surgeries. Being a certified nurse of anaesthesia comes with a specific job role. You will be responsible to work along with the doctors to provide the drug or administer the whole process of whatever is happening.

Research Work

Not all the nurses work in the hospitals or clinics, some nurses perform research too. This field is best suited to those who are interested in the field but do not intend to work in hospitals. Being a researcher also contributes greatly to the society. In fact, a nurse doing research work can also be categorized as a scientist.

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Mental Health

Nurses working in this category work along with mentally ill patients to treat them and provide extra care to them. The nurses can work in a mental healthcare centre or work in private centres or they can also provide special care at home. Moreover, it is a high paying job too.


One of the most common categories for nurses is working in the obstetrics and gynaecology department. They are basically in charge to taking care of pregnant women or their after-delivery care. This job category is high in demand and you will get job offers very easily.


You must be aware of pediatricians who treat children, so being a part of that job will be a good option for a nurse too. A pediatric nurse earns a good salary and faces low work pressure; however, this does not interfere with their personal life or require them to perform late-night duties. To get hired for this role, you must link to Nursing Recruitment Agencies for better results

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Neonatal nurses work in the nursery departments where they put new born babies. This work role comes with great responsibilities and you are asked to put some extra care while handling your baby. Nurses look after the care and medicines given to new born babies. The country has a high demand for nurses, which has led to a high number of nursing jobs in Melbourne.


A nursing job is a means of making a positive social impact by choosing Nursing Careers in Melbourne. You are capable of serving others wholeheartedly. You must get your foundational certification if you intend to study nursing in Australia and link to Nursing Recruitment Agencies. After that, enrol in the healthcare industry and choose a specialisation. Caring 24/7 is the Best Nursing Recruitment Agency in Melbourne that provides excellent job opportunities. 

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