When we talk about community helpers, nurses are seen on top of the chart. They act as the guardians of our health ensuring the well being of a patient who comes to them for care and support. They not only act as educators on matters of health and safety they help people when they are dealing with injury as well as illness.

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Mentioned below are some reasons that corroborate the importance of nurses to the community:

  1. Spreading Health Awareness– Spreading awareness on varied health issues is a vital part of the job of a nurse.  A good nurse educates the patient about healthy food and exercise practices. This ensures that a patient maintains good health at all times and does not fall prey to lifestyle diseases and problems that can be avoided. 
  2. Managing Chronic and Short Term Illness- Everyone falls sick or needs medical help sometimes in their life. The job of a nurse is to provide the patient with the necessary assistance in times of need. From changing the dressings to cleaning wounds, helping with medicines, the profile of a nurse is wide. So, whether a patient is suffering from a serious illness or is just coping with a minor issue, the help and assistance provided by a nurse cannot be undermined. 
  3. Rehabilitation– Falling ill and battling with the disease is one part of the story. But, coping with illness and recovery is another. Nurses also play the role of rehabilitators. They help the patients to deal with and manage their illness effectively and get back to their normal life without any hassle. They provide all the inputs, training, and therapy so that the road to recovery becomes faster and much easier.

  4. Direct Patient Care– In critically ill patients nurses provide direct patient care. They help the patient to conduct normal body activities that are important for their survival. So, from monitoring the vitals such as oxygen level, blood pressure, etc they also help the patient with regular body tasks such as cleaning the body, administering medicines, etc.

  5. Disseminating Health and Safety Information– In times of COVID, the role of nurses has even expanded. They provided the patients with all necessary information so that diseases and illnesses could be avoided at any cost. They also offer information regarding first aid care to the patients. So, when it comes to health crises management, nurses have a very significant part to play. 
  6. Empathy– The empathy and care that a nurse shows towards a patient boost the morale of a patient. It instills in him/ her feelings of positivity. And we all know how important a positive attitude is when you are recovering. The nurses motivate the patients to cope with their illnesses and diseases with the strength of mind and spirit. In several cases, it has been seen that the patients can come out of their problems and garner health with their willpower and determination. 
  7.  Advocators of patient- Whatever a patient wants to convey to the doctor or to anyone they can do via a nurse. A nurse is someone that a patient vests his/ her entire trust on. Nursing is an extremely trusted profession and this role of a nurse where the patient depends on her/ him both physically and emotionally cannot be ignored. Nurses tend to spend more time with a patient than the doctor and even the family members. So whatever problem or issue a patient is facing, he/ she can share it better with the nurse that with anyone else. 
  8. Educating Care-takers– Once the patient returns home, he/ she will still have caretakers in case of need. The nurse educates the caretakers so that no mishap happens and every single detail is taken care of. They provide relevant information concerning the diet, timings, medication, etc of the patient.

So, these are some reasons that demonstrate why nurses are an extremely important part of our society.  The nurses are now regarded as the heroes of healthcare. This is an ever-evolving and expanding profession and nurses are fast including so many crucial activities under their ambit. A doctor provides the treatment to a patient whereas the nurse makes sure that the efforts of the doctor are not wasted and the patient treads the path to recovery.

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